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Charging Can Also Be More Free 7.5W Wireless Charge

Date:2018-01-08 Hits:0

The development of modern science and technology has already made the dream of the world a little bit more realistic, and all of this has come from providing more convenient and comfortable life to people. With the popularity of mobile phones, China has become a mobile phone power. It's also the focus of the tech front that so many phones are better equipped to charge. The wireless charging alliance (WPC) announced a new generation of QI standard, which makes 7.5W wireless charging possible.

Wireless charging simply means that charging your phone is not limited to the socket and plug area, and the possibility of long-distance charging through WiFi and other means. So far, the maximum has been able to be able to be charged on a 10-day interval. The 7.5-w wireless charge is more mobile phones with a wider range.

There are already many wireless chargers in the market, but the stability and breadth of the products are better than the standard range of the radio charging league. With more free charging, technology can make it easier.